A new world, a new dream,
I took the plunge for my 1st fleet.
I left my small nest, my cuckoon,
To fly high, spread my wings aimed to turn into a boon.
A new place, a new role,
I soar achieving new heights and setting fresh goals.
Steadfastly, I climbed the ladder with hardwork and fortitude,
Poised with positivity, promising spirit and sheer gratitude.
A new squad, a new set of comrades,
I lead them along with enthusiasm encouraging smart decisions in different zones forayed.
Amongst them many became my best friends,
This flight was always cherishing; many memories to share as happy emotions blend.
Then, a sudden storm came, a new surprise it brings,
That shook me off a little hurting my powerful wings.
I lay in my nest quietly looking at the beautiful sky,
For my will and spirit is strong enough, I won’t let it die.
A new beginning, a new goal I set,
I am ambitious and determined; I fly again, this time higher I bet.
And yes I did, I let the pain heal and marched once more out of my nest towards my Aim,
Flying high, joyfully with my team living upto my name (means Wise).

P.S: A rhyme dedicated to a respected person who inspires me to have a motivating spirit always and live life to the fullest!!!

Copyright ©2013 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
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