The serene nature invites me,
To spend some time with them which is free.
I sit on a rock near the greens,
Humming softly to them a little melody.
I admire the whoosh of the beautiful waterfall flowing down the street,
Who gently stops by waving  its freezing hand  towards me to  greet .
I enjoy the icy dew that softly kisses my face,
As I hear along the soft chirping of birds increasing the aura of this majestic place.
I breathe the freshness of the smiling flowers who hold the coveted sheen,
Dazzling me with their thoughts for quite some hours without realizing what time it has been.
And finally, the rays of the sun holds a mirror reflecting its pure soul to me.
Surprisingly as if  it was say, go girl, follow your instinct and make true your dreams.

Copyright ©2013 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

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