I was nervous I was scared,
For the reason I had to dare.
Excited I dressed and wore my shoes,
I was waiting to tell how much I love you.
I almost did a jig when I saw you down the way,
Wishing to make this, our most special day.
Waving out,  I skipped a step or two,
Composing myself as I was to propose you!!!
I saw your brown eyes smile at me,
wearing  a beautiful dress made you look a beauty…….
I closed my eyes breathing your scent as you stood close,
I then realized I was bandaged from hip to my toe!!!

I had missed a few steps on the stairway down the hall,
Fractured and bruised I had this dreaded fall.
I found you sitting beside me sad and looking pale,
Whilst listening to the doctors who were discussing my fate.
You helped me slowly cushion my head,
As I struggled to see my bouquet of flowers lay on the table Dead.
You suddenly mumbled something to me hard to guess,
I lay motionless as I understood the rest.
You were holding the ring I had tucked inside my coat,
My destiny had changed and grief filled my throat.
She didn’t want me anymore; Oh she didn’t want me anymore,
The undying pain ripped my heart wondering what else was left in store.
My blood raced through my veins as I was now badly broken,
My love, you couldn’t be so cold and leave away unspoken!!!
I was paralyzed in my thoughts and both in body and soul,
So deeply wounded that I was frantic and out of control.
I struggled and closed my eyes as I still sensed your presence close to me,
Gulping all those moments we once shared together now turned into debris…….
It’s been 5 years now since that grey day,
I still tremble thinking as those painful memories replay.
I sip a cup of warm tea as I pen down these words,
To seal those times that sometimes life surprisingly offers.
After great struggle and support I am now well,
Living life afresh and capturing many stories to tell.
I write as I dedicate this to the Lady I owe each day,
Yes, you My love as I get a gentle hug making my day.
She didn’t actually leave me that day…she really loved me too,
She wore my ring of love and helped me overcome my grief and brought happiness anew.
She dusted off the hurtful debris and her love forever changed my life,
My love, you make me complete; Yes today she is Soul mate, my Wife!!!

Copyright ©2013 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

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