Independence Day -This one was even more Special !!!

   15th August – is a day we Indians proudly celebrate our Independence and mark  respect to our freedom fighters and Mother India.

Patriotic spirit, cultural diversity yet United as One makes INDIA wave its Tricolour flag high and encourage the citizens to grow and liberate our thoughts and vision.

I consider myself lucky and am so humbled to be invited as one of GUEST OF HONOUR along with other eminent honourable dignitaries  at St Mary’s School, Mira Road, Mumbai on this great day.

The school’s  vibrant students entralled everyone right from the Grand March, to their commendable Verse of Indian culture- Independence and tribute to our countrymen, the Recital of Patriotic songs,   various  cultural dance performances, the skit which gave out the message” that  though we may follow different  religions, caste or creed – Be independent with our thoughts, end unceremonious  fights and march together as One -Respect our Mother India “,the Braves who vowed us with their pyramid performances and gracious efforts of teachers who have nurtured this  positive spirit and  zeal into the young minds who will The Future- Gen Next of India .

The pictures are just a glimpse -but what matters was the hardwork and the energy that young students  and teachers showcased through their performance and love for the country.It brought me memories of my  own school days which makes this day- the event  unforgetabble memory of my life .

Truly, I am glad to say that such encouragement guided by teachers of ST Marys High School to these students about Indian Ethos will enlighten them  and embibe it in their life and shine in future.

Overwhemled with this wonderful gesture- I capture this tribute  of sweet memories of words and pictures being one of Guest of Honour at St Mary’s School, Mira Road through this blogpost!!!


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