When Life takes a U turn !!!

 Sometimes we wish Life should be like this…..if Life were like that …..
but what when Life wishes to take a backseat…….!!!

Yeah, I am choked too to pen these words but my heart is waiting for pouring on these feelings.
This post is dedicated to one of my classmate, Aniruddha Rane in Mba class who fought his life against cancer. An jovial guy who had carefree nature, very good poet himself , a mind of his own having a dream to be someone big in life.

It was a sudden shock when we all came to know of him being unwell a few months back.Medication and Therapy made him more weak. The last time I saw him was at our Convocation accompanied with his parents where he could barely stand. Many said he was recovering…..and yeah he was wearing that smile on his face greeting everyone.
That evening I wrote a message to him on facebook – to bring in some life and cheer him a bit from his pain.

“Hi Aniruddha,
I knw you must be wondering frnd why i chose to msg you on fb….its coz i was too emotional to talk to you directly and choked to speak a word. Hey Aniruddh, I dont want you to feel low and brood over- always remember and knw happy and smiling Aniruddh right:). I knw u must be told a lot many times now to cheer up….dont worry ……so sorry to knw and all that…..so I wouldnt want to repeat again….
hey buddy…. all I would remember the happy times of your life…the motivating spirit of you to fight to achieve your dreams EG:the time when you proudly stood and decided you want to do Mba and work better ….the moment when u wer rebuked by frnds yet you stood your ground…..the funny antics of pulling others leg n yet keeping a straight face lol….
and not to forget the wonderful smiles and laughter you have bought in others life….your family and frnds .Also myself being a poet……I feel you have in you -your greatest strength – your words- feelings of poet- your poems- keep them- read them – follow them -share them- live them…..
God Bless -I wish to see you happy and well again and like a Phoenix -rise again:)
Like to finally end this note by sharing a poem I wrote years ago when I felt low:
Rising like a Phoenix……
Every failure I took by my stride, Overcoming them, that today fills me with pride.
Ambitious that I am, was eager to learn, But sometimes foolishness took over and let my hands burn!!!
Like a Phoenix, I was calm, when people around try to put me down.
Rising from the ashes of sorrow and flying high, Happily facing each challenge that come by,
Poising for future to be bright and shine, like the sky having a rainbow that displays rays of opaline( array of colours).
Months passed and recently I got the news that our friend has entered the heavenly abode……..
For now you have entered a new abode,
leaving your family and friends who without you feel lone.
Their lives revolved around you before,
so surely the pain is unexplainable and more.
But they live now in your angelic memory,
hope to fulfill all you wished and make you happy.
I can imagine you holding a quill writing down some poetry,
a message to all your dear ones which you recite softly in their dreams!!!

Copyright ©2013 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)

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