Shanaya -Little Feet

Hey Shanaya,
Your birth has bought joy and happiness amongst us all,
A baby so beloved and pampered by all.
Love you dear; my sweet little girl,
Your precious smile is worth  more than pearl.
A wish we prayed to have a little angel to God,
and its now fulfilled with you striking an  unexplainable chord.
You wrap us with love and make us dance to your little tunes,
Reminiscing our own childhood and to see you blissfully sleep to the lullaby we croon.
Sweet princess, we feel really blessed to have you baby in our life,
Like “ the first rays of the sun”(Shanaya in Sanskrit), you are now our  arch light.
And today, we christen you with an angelic name,
Along with blessings and memories in our hearts we will forever frame.
-Love Elvira 
P.S- Poem I penned for my niece Shanaya- my Cousin Sister’s baby on her Christening (Naming Ceremony) and happy to recite it myself making the day most memorable:)
Copyright ©2013 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
The picture/image is truly personal.
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