25 Years – Silver Moments.

25 years ago, since you both met each other,
sharing your dreams to be built together.
Every moment, every year holds a special meaning,
of good and bad times and  of “being one” feeling.

25years ago, since you both met each other,
strengthening  your bond and understanding one another.
Being a moral support and helping each other grow
and fulfilling your duties towards family to the core.

25 years ago, since you both met each other,
your life, your journey completes each other.
You have ushered and marched to this joyous day ,
Wishing you both , Mama and Dada – loads of happiness and good health I pray.

MAMA DEAR , Wishing you a Happy Mother‘s Day too:)

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4 thoughts on “25 Years – Silver Moments.”

  1. Dear Elvira,WoW! What a milestone for your parents. In today's world, marriages don't seem to last a year, yet alone 25 years. Marriage is a sacred gift from God, so we should always try our best to cherish it, even under difficult times. Please give them my best wishes and congratulations. Thanks also for visiting my blog the other day. I've only just had a chance to return the visit. Keep up with your writing and may your parents union be an inspiration to you. Thanks for sharing.Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn…

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