I rise to the greetings of the sun,
and rush to the field eating the half baked buns.
There I toil along with brother till noon,
So that we can atleast each have a dinner that fills my spoon.
Oh did you see the beautiful cottage along the river side,
It’s our little efforts that has made it the most vied.
Our evenings are spent helping in other chores,
Making my little palms bruised and sore.
But the pain I am willing to take,
Because its something more than this I wish for my sake.
I dream’t like the one last night,
Wearing ribbons on my braided hair and holding a brand new Satchel on my right.
I want to go SCHOOL- Learn and be educated,
And one day build a lovely home for my family that’s best ever dated!!!
Copyright ©2013 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
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