Missing the Good Old Times,
when days were spent having  fun and playing pranks with friends,
when going shopping, movie or just eat, some rules were ok to bend.

Missing the Good Old Times,
when a relaxed mind enjoyed putting down some lines on the blog,
when living in a dreamland was right as that’s where my heart belongs.

Missing the Good Old Times,
when weekends were spent with family and reading some nice books,
when life was exciting to try out something different and having a new outlook….
Courtesy the New Life at Work…..

Now I eagerly wait for an holiday,
Now I understand what stress actually is,
Now I quickly drop off to sleep,
Now I value the precious time I spent with my family,
Now I wish to meet my friends more often,
Now I miss writing some lines here like I used to do before,
Now I am glued to the computer till the work ends,
Now I hate the stressful timings of late work,
Now I know what work life is!!!  

Missing the Good Old Times…………………..

P.S: Blogging after so long…..rejuvenated;)

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