The time ticks same as that day once again,
as I walk across down this lonely lane.
Mama, this is where Dada used to work right???, asks my little boy
blurring my eyes with sudden happy moments of My Love just passing in front of my eyes.

“Hey Love, shall we have a date meal today like old times, will be home soon,
and David, my Champ,finish your homework early, we’ll  play soccer, and wait for your surprise soon.”
After Cleaning David’s room, I switch on the  T.V,
ironing the blue dress to wear it today which he had gifted me on our 5th wedding Anniversary.

Beep- a message on my phone rings,
reads as” Love- Already smelling your fragrance and can’t wait to see that sweet smile on your face!!!”.
I smile shyly as I wear that beautiful blue dress and the silver necklace.
The room  is perfect with fresh flowers and candles,
as in the background music plays on the channels.

I begin to bake a chocolate cake along with preparing some of  our favorite dishes,
amidst the violin playing some soft music in my head.
And, then, an urgent phone call changes the route of my life,
“My Love, still can smell your fragrance……cant wait to see your sweet smile again in paradise”.

The candles burn till they turn ashes, people sobbing around me trying to shake me off my trance
As I sit there in darkness holding David crying in my arms……..

The time ticks as  I read His message once more,
holding my tears as I walk close to Ground Zero.
I see him waving out to me, telling me to be brave and keep fighting all the odds like all these years,
and grow up David to be strong and help him overcome all such fears.

I whisper softly to him-“My love, can you see, I wearing your gifted blue dress and holding your favourite cake,
David has finished his homework and has put on his soccer shoes,
Can you smell my fragrance dear,,,,,cant  wait to see your sweet smile in paradise”.

Published in the book –WORLD TRADE 9/11 TRIBUTE” by Barry Mowles. 

Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights. 

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