Our Motherland

Early dawn…the nightingale sings..early birthday wishes…smiles radiates past her wrinkles..dressed in her favourite tricoloured saree…wearing  a tiara of flowers…she  waves  out to her friends…humming softly she goes walks down the street…no one seems to care for  the old lady…her heart pains to see young kids  crying in hunger…people in a rush push her to a corner…frail and weak she sits down on a broken bench…weeping as all her happiness is gone…faced with smirks and disgust..then a radio announces her birthday greetings…unaware of others knowing how special she is…is it this she expected for all the love and sacrifices she made…a question just fades around waiting for answers…65 yrs since she was born…the old woman only expects peace and harmony as her gifts…her pale eyes wishes to see smiling faces not greed and hatred…she hoping that she sleeps to sweet music of laughter not fights and explosions…Hope  all will present  her this today and hence for the years to come.

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