Waiting For You!!!

In the silence of my thoughts, I felt an urge to read all my poems  aloud.
Each of them written about a theme or spot, a chord of love within each bound.
I came across and sure you have too, why the Wait is an integral of many of my prose?
When not all the times were all that sad, but somehow it has been a reason of my compose
Because its a moment we all must have had, the period of waiting in our life……     
9 months , a mother carries her baby in her womb and waits to have the first glimpse of her newborn .
During dinner, we all wait to have a delicious meal with all our loved ones.
A parent waits to see his kid speak his first word, crawl and later grow and stand on his feet.
A young lad waits to explore new opportunities and aspire to be someone big.

Yes, many of my poems on love too include the blend of those emotions,
May be because I’m still waiting for My Special One!!!
I ink these words down as a memoir on this paper today,
So that MY LOVE will read and understand the epitome of me waiting for him someday.

Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
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4 thoughts on “Waiting For You!!!”

  1. My dear Elvira,Love always find us. You are a beautiful lady with an even more BEAUTIFUL heart. I enjoyed your poem. It was flavored with your sweet fragrance (smile)…

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