Versatile Award- Double Treat.

Times suddenly flies …you never seem to realise,
as yet another page…waits for the ink to make its grace.
by Alka Narula
by rPhoenix
I was in a such a ecstatic mood when I first got the beautiful VERSATILE BLOGGER TITLE. During that time, and even now I would say I am still a beginner as a writer(Think I am marching on the way). And what say…when you are conferred with not one but 2 awards. I am happy for all those friends, followers, guests etc who visited my blog during this 3 years 2 months and liked it .(Think I am marching on that way).Its best a writer can wish for!!!
Now, bang on the real treat…..
A Hearty Thank You to Dear Alka Narula     and  r_Phoenix  for nominating me for this award.
There are some rules needs to be  follow.
1. Create a new post. 
2. Thank the lovely person(s) who nominated you for the award.
3. Pass it on to your fellow bloggers (7 or 15- I chose 9 of them in no particular order). 
 Leo Paw -
4.State 7 random facts about you.
  •     Avid Book Reader
  •     passion for cars( though dont ask me technical questions:P)
  •     love writing poems…my lifeline 🙂
  •     scared of lizards….have many horrifying experiences.
  •     favourite destination- Switzerland
  •     want to learn Spanish…soft corner for it coz my name is from the Spanish    origin.
  •     love to watch romantic movies….though others are not bad:P
5.  Claim the award and post the picture for the award.
P.S: Hey awardees…have fun and dance ….hurray:) 

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14 thoughts on “Versatile Award- Double Treat.”

  1. Dear Elvira,Many congratulations on your double awards! You more than deserve them. Well done to the nominees too, some of whom I'm already familiar with. There's nothing more inspiring than gifts of appreciation from one's friends and readers. Keep up the good work & keep on sharing.Don't forget you've been invited to the Lovers' Cove Challenge. The challenge line has already been posted. Linky will open May 26th at 2:00pm EST.Then on June 2nd, come linkup for the second Blog Hop Saturday! Hope you can make it.The Flame Of A Lonely Woman

  2. Thank you so much Elli for the tag…glad to receive such an honor from you…a well deserved one for you…congrats dear… :)PS: Please accept my apologies for replying so late… 🙂

  3. grats elli. Thank u for passing it 2 me. Nice 2 knw the few things abt u. The lizard one reminds me of a friend who became the most popular lady at work on the third day of joining. She hit the SOS button and let out a cry while in my chamber. I froze not knowing wat went wrong. People who rushed in, gav me odd looks after they saw the female hiding behind a furniture. Luckily, just before they came 2 a conclusion and called the police, she hid behind a senior lady and pointed at a lizard on the handrest of the chair.

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