Just a moment it all takes…for a Thalessemia test,every life is precious;so get yourself checked now before you later on regret.
Just a moment it all takes… if you find that both the spouses are Thalessemia minor;there are higher chances of having a baby born  with Thalessemia Major .
Just a moment it all takes…to be aware that these patients require blood transfusion regularly but live normally as we;so don’t shy away to donate blood to the needy.
Just a moment it all takes… to note examples of SURVIVORS who are emanate the poise for life;overcoming every hurdle and marking every mile.
Just a moment it all takes…for knowing that a Thalessemia  is NOT A CURSE; It is an blood disorder and needs to be rightly nursed.
Just a moment it all takes…for showing your support and loving them happily;Thalessemia Majors are strong fighters born to make their  own destiny.
Just a moment it all takes…to avoid young kids to cry with pain; as awareness will bring solace to many ignorant people down the lane.
Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
Published in the book –“THE SURVIVOR’S GUIDE TO BEDLAM” by Brian Wrixon.

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4 thoughts on “JUST A MOMENT”

  1. My dear Elvira,Very well said my friend…Every life is precious and important. Sadly, from infancy it is filled with pain and sorrow because of our imperfect and sinful lives. Very well written my dear.

  2. Dear Andy,Thanx for visiting my blog and so beautifully praising this poem….yeah…life is that way…so from our side,we can live happily and rightly to enjoy it…Thalessemia too if taken care can be blessing for infants who suffer from this pain…thus this poem dedicate to bring about Thalessemia awareness among people:)

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