Damn- Ignorance Hurts!!!

Hey friends, today as you read this title, you must be wondering ” why whats wrong?”. Yes, it is the same reaction I gave when Swati- my fellow blogger and friend decided to close down her blog!!!

We all are born to love and expect the same from others. A writer is a person that pens down his imagery through stories,poems etc.It is a way to connect your inner self and also nurture that talent like all are born with.Whether you accept or not, every comment makes a writer’s day and boosts his/her confidence to give the best.

So, here I introduce my friend
Swati Shobha Sevlani-http://swatishobhasevlani.blogspot.in/who is multi- talented individual who writes wonderful poetries, awesome artist and photographer…each of which she has dedicated an individual blog to present to the audience.

She is a published author having her works published and recognized both at the National as well as International Level.
Her sense of reflective words encompasses a readers soul and so does sketches and photography.

Hey…Swati, there were times when even I have faced critics and harsh feedback that writing is a waste ….trying to pull me down …. sometimes even today…but I have decided to make my own destiny and risen like a Phoenix….I ain’t some scholar who would give speeches and proclaim big stories…just request you dear to consider this plea.

I could go on with this list of attributes but I want to cut it short and let yourself drive to her blog rather than me taking away the focus.

Hope you all friends will appreciate and give her feedback too which she make her Believe Herself and change her decision.

Following are some of the links:

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INK PEN: Purpose of Life

“First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win.”
Mahatma Gandhi

P.S: Thanks in advance to all the love and support friends in this initiative- Elvira

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6 thoughts on “Damn- Ignorance Hurts!!!”

  1. I mean I m so worst.. There is someone who comment on my post and read me everyday and now writing about my blogs in her blogs too. Elli, this is first time I m visiting your blog and I can't believe that you wrote one article dedicated only to me.. This is damn incredible. How can someone dedicate a post to a person who dont deserve this actually?? Please delete this post.I really don't know and I feel like I am awarded today.\”Thank you\” as there are no words for your dedication to give proper feedback's on my blog. It is only for YOU, I am not going to delete my blogs.Never post other article dedicated to me please and please dont request anyone to go through my work as it is better to go unnoticed than to force people to read it.\”Aur waise bhi Minni, Har shayar mashoor ho jaye yeh rati bhar bhi jaruri nahi\” (My fvrt dialogue from the short film \”Pocket Watch\”)Highly obliged and grateful.Thanks and lots of love. Hugs!!!Regards,Swati Shobha Sevlani

  2. Hey Swati, am glad reading your reply.All I would like to say gr8 to see you with a new positive spirit, n also continue your lovely blogs for Yourself and shine…I would like to keep this post as an memory…the new You (wink)… also making it clear that I didn't force anyone to visit your blog-its purely reader's decision. Wish you luck and good wishes ahead;-).P.S:If you still insist on removing this post…then let me knw.

  3. Keep it as a memory as it will be making both of us happy Elvy….And about deletion it is my WINK*** WINK****May God Bless You!!!Go ahead with whatever you wish…P.S. I wish I could write more good….everytime atleast for you.

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