Roam to the Domes

Anxious wait for the D- day arrived when we decided to visit the Dome,

Cake, muffins, chocolates were alright, the most important was the SMILE we carried along.

Began with riot of laughter and fun since we reached the place,

our motto of Travel and Fun was gleaming across each face.

The Roam moment began with bags and feet taking a long drive,

a lovely memory this day it would forever reside.

Marched down the road in the scotching heat together,

the sun must have wondered what makes them so stronger!!!.

Every step that we took towards Dome,

we could hear the happy whispers of trees welcoming us home.

The pretty flowers were waving joyfully at us,

patting on backs every mile we made a progress.

It was a walking marathon for us of sorts;

even the cyclist and motorist found it hard to master our lot.

The journey was captured through our poses and clicks,

and revered with humorous and wicked tricks.

Along the trip, we found some unusual things like the Tiger ButterFly, the caned houses and the pale withered and crooked branched trees;

young kids screaming their lungs out and playing as they please.

We took the bated breaks to calm ourselves in between,

every signboard number made me jump with joy and glee.

But yet “How many Miles more, I quipped”,

just then two officers led us to a surprise free trip!!!

The magnanimous caves we entered to,

had some secrets engraved beneath them.

The dome had that mystic aura about it,

which lend a bout of peace and tranquility surround it.

We sat there to catch the heavenly glimpse,

each cave with its artistic touch and stories unleashed.

It’s an adventure trip that will always be treasured in our minds,

as I pen down this poem to capture those wonderful memories behind.

Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)

Disclaimer: The image in the post is strictly personal.

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  1. My friend,You are the Poetess whose words can make any man smile. You words of beauty and love will make any distance enjoyable to travel. Great talent you are!!!

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