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Hi Friends,

Taking a deep breath after a more than a week break from blogging:(
It was getting on my nerves till I finished my exams and let the creative ink flow onto this page.

And nice to see many fellow blogger friends updates with some wonderful poems and posts!!!

And news for all my friends and Bloggers…..Follow me on Linky Connect- a new step on the path of creativity.

Regards, Elvira:)

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2 thoughts on “Linky Connect”

  1. Hello Elvira.I've been having a crazy month myself writing a poem a day for both the A-Z Challenge & NaPoWrimo. I've just seen some of your comments too. Thank you so much. You're a precious Lady Flower (smile). Exams…urgh…glad I don't have to go through those anymore, although every now and then I have to undergo training to keep up with current policies and practices for my job. I'm sure you did your best and I hope you get the results you worked so hard for. After this crazy month is over, I've got a few new things in the works beginning May 5th with Blog Hop Saturday! and then on May 15th with the debut of my collaboration blog Lovers' Cove! Both events promise to be a lot of fun, so I hope you can join in. If you have any questions, just let me know…I seem to be everywhere these days…blogs, Facebook, Google+. (LOL). In the meantime, keep on sharing, visiting and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Thanks for following in Linky too. I'll be joining you when I finish with this comment! Take care dear friend. ♥

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