As you twirl the globe round, a significant map will attract your sight,
yes, it’s INDIA in the Asian continent, you are right.
The country of Lords and Gods greet you all,
the largest democratic country in the world you would call.

It’s here where you will see the nightingale humming softly,
the warmth of people encompassing everyone tightly,
Embodied with cultures and literature that are ages old,
but fills you with pride having them like a jewels of gold.

The fine royal heritage will invite you in every state,
each journey to the villages or cities will tell you a tale.
The beautiful Taj Mahal in our vibrant country,
proclaims the power of Love amongst Indians wonderfully.

Blessed with rich natural beauty and savoring delicacies,
you couldn’t really miss the most popular hot spicy Indian curry.
The land of IT, Steel, Arts, Literature,Yoga;any stream you mention,
you will find pioneers whose contributions has a led to revolution.

The modern India is not far behind with its brightening spark,
with brains of the educationists creating a worldwide mark.
For years, we were governed by different rulers,
today WE the people run the democratic country together.

As I wave this Tricolour flag high into the sky,
you will see that every Indian is running the Olympics with poise of Growth and Success in his life.

Published in the book -Tripping on Words: A Literary Atlas by Brian Wrixon.

Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

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  1. Hello Elvira. It's lovely that you followed RomanticFridayWriters. We have many talented poets and would love it if you feel confident to become a member and post some poetry when we begin our challenges again in May. That would be awesome.I loved reading about India. Did you happen to catch my flash fiction set in Mumbai a few posts back at RFWer? I actually called one of my characters Elvira in another story.I have followed you here. My picture is linked to my writing blog, L'Aussie. The URL of RFW is: romanticfridaywriters.blogspot.comDenise

  2. hi Denise,Thanks for liking my poem about India and for being a member of my blog and would love to participate in the challenge. yeah, have read the story featuring my name and had commented on that post already few days ago:)

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