YIPEEE- It’s the 3rd Blogoversary

Today is special day on which the seeds of words were sown,
3 years ago on this lovely MARCH , the 17th 2009,
was my first poem “Mama ” entered this blogging zone.
Poems on love , life and thoughts later followed on,
the ink of my thoughts kept the momentum on.
3 years hence, when I blow the candle and cut the cake,
I reminisce each memory of my writings, the feedbacks that kept me awake.
Today, with 70 posts, 167 comments, 2 blog awards , 4702 pageviews,
27 lovely members and 5 internationally published poetries,
I feel ITS MY LIFE has etched its name in the golden pages of history.
I lay in doubt, but these thoughts in my mind waited to come out,
the canvas lay white and empty, the words flowed smoothly aplenty,
IT’S MY LIFE is a fruitful effort of a writer’s journey as a poet on this blog,
Grateful for all love and support of my family and friends along.
On this special day,I like to first Thank God for his blessings and guidance in my life .I once again like to thank each one of you DADA, MAMA and sister SYLVERIA,relatives, friends, members and all my loving guests on the Blog from around the world.
But, I like to highlight 2 special mention of names – Kajali Raina Ma’am who is my role model and inspiration and movtivator to start blogging and Barry Mowles for having faith in me and appreciating my work and his contribution in publishing 5 of my poems along with poets around the world.
So join in with me in this celebration:)
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  1. Hello Elvira.I'm a little late, but congratulations on your 3rd Blogoversary! May you continue in your creativity for many more years to come. Wishing you all the best & much success not just today, but always. ♥

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