Tryst with Divinity

It’s a true happening years ago…when in school I used to go…In our new church, we had a crufix at the alter, which everytime I looked made me bother… I felt as if the nails will break and HIS hands will free …I always felt like He will start to walk towards me… was this my dream or just a vision was really hard to define… it made this small girl shudder everytime the vision did a rewind… then one day on a visit to my aunt who is a Nun in the convent was staying… she said lets visit the local church , so we went for praying… it was just moments before the bell rang for the next mass, I stood at the entrance of the church in total trance… the vision of HIM was clear before me as reality…with same arms stretched around welcoming everybody, it looked like HE walked across and saying a Hello to me…that visit was written in my destiny, and my faith reaffirmed in what I call true Tryst with Divinity.

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2 thoughts on “Tryst with Divinity”

  1. Jen- hmmm…cant explain that dear…its not i saw a vision or something…just a crucifix in the church which made me always feel different…that feeling of Jesus walking and finally got to reality when that feeling came true on that visit …so even that small coincidence…or whatever we call it matters to me coz is something that truly unexpected…difficult to actually put in words…

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