Sleeping Beauty and her Royal Knight

In the wealthy home of a family of two, all the luxury wished was made true,

The only grief that both were struck upon, is a baby who they could both dote upon,

Soon prayers were answered and blessed with a lovely baby, the celebrations for which went on like crazy.

The girl was beautiful since she was born, but the loneliness pricked her like thorns.

Coz of her prideful parents who didn’t want shun their high reputation.

Her royal stature didn’t let her mingle with friends, as she was cursed by the family customs she couldn’t defend.

In royal parties while meeting the guests, she lamely wished everyone in jest.

Once, she met a handsome guy, standing in corner of the aisle, whom she said a sweet hello, her beauty captivated this young fellow.

But this first meeting came to an abrupt end when the guards intervened and warned them not to offend.

Love at first sight she had felt, she tried to reason with her parents but they wouldn’t melt.

They said “love is not meant for u, you will be married to whom we will choose”.

She had already been struck by the spindle of love; she had faith in the doings of the Above.

Days went by, years passed on, but her love for her prince charming didn’t drop down.

Her sorrow made her unwell and weak, her painful condition led her to a long sleep.

She wouldn’t react or move, stayed still for days together, her health didn’t improve.

Time came to a halt for her parents who realized where they had trailed, they had bought up their daughter in a walls of a closed cage.

The sleeping beauty lay there amongst lovely flowers, the silent castle of grief had overcome the hours.

Then, one day , a curious guest came to see her, it was the same guy who she had met, her lover.

He kissed her and gave her his medicine of love, and slowly the beauty responded and got up, don’t ask how.

This moment was indeed very special , coz it was the victory of love over the evil.

Surely u have guessed right , the Sleeping beauty was married to her Royal Knight .

This is the tale of love and relations unfurled, lets make Love supreme and rule our lovely world.

P.S: A fairytale Poem -which has been selected among poems of 25 fellow poets from over 300 plus entries from around the world and published in “Once Upon A Time” by Barry Mowles, Destiny to Write Publication.

Copyright ©2012 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)

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