It’s My First Liebster Award:)- Spreading happiness

Each poem/post I pen down is truly special for me, but this one really stands out…….coz its a First Award for my Blog For Its My Life…Cheers:)

liebster blog award

It’s the Liebster Blog Award ( means Dearest in German) that was so kindly gifted and honoured to me by a wonderful blog writer and friend Andy whose blog you all should surely not miss Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn… kindly do visit and appreciate the awesome poems he writes- the meaning of love which he so beautifully portrays :)- Thanx a lot for making my day!!!

As a part of this Award , its unique rules for accepting it are as follows:

  1. Link back to the person who gave u this award.
  2. Pick 5 people deserving this award and notify them on their blogs.
  3. Post the lovely award on your blog and Spread the Happiness…….

Liebster Blog Award is given to the unique , wonderful and special bloggers crediting them, following are few of my favourite blogs :

  1. Collice Rodrigues – Poems -Each poem is so touching and meaningful:)
  2. Blog of an Odd against Crowd -which makes u admire each word whether its a poem or a narrative…..Don’t miss out Who is She? series:)
  3. The Paint Brush – wonderful poetry and a brilliant artist:)( a applauding combination)
  4. DEEP FRM MY HEART !! -feelings written straight from the heart , truly impressive:)
  5. Priyanka’s Neverland– inspiring list of poems driving it to the next level

Admire each of these blogs- outstanding and truly gifted bloggers…..Kudos to each one of u 🙂

Spread the joy and happiness to others:)

P.S: I now realize how difficult it is to don the hat of a Judge:)

Judging the Dearest is tough, every1 is talented and special… I have put a small special msg for the 5 blogs dat I have honoured the title for crediting them n also for guests to know abt them:)

Warm regards to all my blogger friends.

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  1. Hi Aparna, u r most welcome dear:)luv ur feedback…..makes me motivated and thanx to follow my blog….abt BACKLINK….the most simple way is on ur dashboard, u will get to see recent blog updates of those u are following…so Eg….I have updated this post name with blog name…then just copy paste my blog link from there Its MY LIFE… link my blog nameAnother option is to link the post….i.e at the end of this post….ders a option of LINK TO THIS POST…CREATE A LINK….click on the link….copy paste the post titleHOPE I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO SOLVE UR QUERY:)

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