Let’s Dance-Part 2…

Let’s dance to the first date we had,
The instance you proposed and made me glad.
Our eyes now stare into each other’s dream,
We now realize that love is so supreme.
You pull me close and bend for a kiss,
I want to feel every moment, without any miss.

Let’s dance to the passion we now ignite,
The magic we bring to our arc light.
It is this day we have been waiting for long,
To each other we now proudly belong.

Let’s dance to celebrate this joyful day,
And make me memorable our wedding day.
Leaning close towards, my heart I encase,
As this new life we together embrace!!!

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  • P.S: Let’s Dance-Part 1… and Let’s Dance-Part 2… in the Book “Remember My Name” by
    Barry Mowles, Destiny to Write Publication.

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