Let’s Dance-Part 1…

Lets Dance O beloved to the rhythms of our love,
Taking a step forward and bending for a bow.
Holding my hand , as you take me along,
Gently as each step we take, reminds us of our precious vow.

Lets dance to the happiness we now feel,
As this day our hearts we seal.
The rings we now wear is a sign of our love,
As pure and complete as the white dove.

Lets dance to the sweet memories we share,
The romance that we today declare.
Moving to the centre stage, lightly and slowly,
Lost in the soft music played so soothing like a melody.
Dreamy as we are dancing to the tune,
Feeling your gentle arms around my waist,
and blissful as my heart begins to croon…….!!!

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  • P.S: Let’s Dance-Part 1… and Let’s Dance-Part 2… published in the Book “Remember My Name” by Barry Mowles, Destiny to Write Publication.

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    1. oh this is realy wonderful.love the rhyming feel o it..and the words are just so deep and so beautiful…another great post from u..moving to part 2 now:)

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