Grilled Ghost- Mind it

Disclaimer- This incident truly happened and the plot is changed a bit …..The names are changed to protected to save their identity.

Scene 1- At John‘s New Bungalow- Mind It. 8.30pm

Congrats John and Jovita….Wish u a happy married life……..They had a grand reception in the afternoon (wat afternoon!!! Yeah, most weddings in Mangalore). All the close family n frnds are invited get-together after the wedding at John’s new bungalow near my home. The newly wedded couple is standing is wished by guests again. Phew!!!Leave them alone yaar!!! Jasmine (John’s Mom), my dad’s cousin is showing off her FIERY smile and gold to everyone amongst the music….oh come again- live band playing to its glory. Maxi and Paul Uncle are drunk and dancing madly down. Catherine, Sylvia, Craig n me are hogging on the delicious food (spare Us).

Mama, Delia and Mary Aunty are going GAGA over the new bungalow….look at that watch…Harry-(John Bro is working abroad)brought it….Rs 5000…look at that chandelier…..Rs 25000 minimum……

Scene2: Still at John’s New Bungalow- Better Mind it .11.30pm

We still at John’s place….now busy teasing the couple and giving them thousands of smirked faces. Maxi and Paul Uncle are still dancing (Mind Them!!!). “Finally the Wedding is over, 2mw back to Mumbai”, I Sulk. Jacinta Aunty is wondering over the burden to wash so many clothes…..we are total of 15 of them at home!!!(Poor Jacinta, can’t use Surf Excel Matic- no washing machine at home-probably will ask Dada to sponsor it).

Scene 3: at my home- old house—Mind it Dearly .11.40pm

All are dead tired….Blacky, our dog also is happy that v r back home and barks continuously till all the 15 are inside. “Damn Blacky…..isn’t that Band enough, still heard playing”, Craig yells. All are lying on the bed, Grandpa is already snoring….Sunny is busy checking out his Blackberry (Craig giving a jealous look at him!!!). And as usual, elders are gossiping about John, his family, his chandelier, his new bungalow, oh!!! Now his new wife Jovita….her family, her bungalow…….

Scene 4: At my home- in the veranda- Mind it Urgently .12.00 pm

A loud yell and scuffled scream is heard….. “Fire ….Fire …..Fire ……switch off the main plug….”

The commotion got everyone frightened and startled….Blacky was growling around ……Maxi Uncle is coughing profusely as Dada pulls him away. His house is down with fire. He stays 2 yards behind my home. Dada and Shaun Uncle holding their nerve put the sprinkles on from our field to the house to keep the fire under control. The fire has engulfed the entire place and Maggi Mai is sobbing seeing her cherished home burn to ashes.

Everyone is whispering in hushed tones though my family is now sweating over the fact that the fire has reached the stack of hays is slowly entering our home. Catherine is half asleep and eyes soar is sitting with Maggi Mai.

I as usual am too dumbstruck at the situation not knowing wat to do. The fire brigade has now arrived armed with men and pipes of water. Its late dark….we hear the news that

Ashu was first to see the Ghost…..can u believe not fire….. (God, they n their superstitions)

“I was just out in my terrace and still humming to the music played at the John’s place….I saw a man wearing white clothes(oh….there he goes !!!)walking towards Maxi’s House holding a cigarette, thought Maxi’s relative and came down to inform him that he was going through the wrong entrance-(back door)……..I, hmmm, I hmmm came near…could not see his hand(I smirked at his words!!!) , I shivered and ran away …..saw his house was on fire…..”

This followed…ooohhh’s and aahhhh’s , comments about enemy of Maxi, Some even blamed his cousin Paul for the crime…….

Scene 5: At my home- – Mind it Really. 12.00 pm

Hardly gotten any sleep….i wake up. Time to pack my bags…..going back to Mumbai…. “No……cancel the ticket …. Please Mama……” Mama shrugs “we can’t dear…Dada n Me have to join work 2mw”. I go to see the tragic place…..Maxi’s Uncle house has a deserted look….Mai is sitting on a bench nearby still reeling from the shock. The police had come to investigate but failed to find any evidences.

Scene 6: At my home…near the gate…..Mind it Sadly

Wishing everyone good bye…….wishing I would get more time

Scene 7: On my way to Mumbai—Mind it Seriously

If I had more 2 hours to spend(those precious hours)….having closely watched CID and read detective novels of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, I would have inspected the area around Maxi Uncle’s house, verify Ashu statements(though I don’t trust his Ghost Story.)Key evidence would be that damn cigarette near the back door or if to see any white-washed clothes around…….. to find out who is that GHOST… would grill him like the KFC chicken……I know those 2 hours so dear would make a difference to Maggi Mai.

fire …. fire …fire…more……Mind it Carefully.

Hope The Judges Appreciate it…..Mind it :):):)

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