A Broken Heart

The moment I looked at you, was flattered and amazed,

tried every chance just to meet your gaze.

But you didn’t seem to notice…..

When I said a sweet Hi,

You just shrugged and soon walked away from me.

For days together, i just couldn’t wait,

longing for that one glimpse at me that you may take.

Slowing things between us began to change,

When we met often and spoke till late

over a sip of coffee during the break.

Was really elated that things were falling into place,

sometimes sweet smiles or cuddling into a short embrace.

Finally I found you, oh my dear soul mate,

jumping with joy, am in such a ecstatic state.

But things were not meant to be the same.

we are just friends is what you really meant,

unaware about the love that I actually felt.

Times passed by, both of us ignorant of the truth,

for me, it was true love and for u, it wasn’t the same-how???

Gradually, matters between us fell apart,

even remaining friends seemed like a difficult task.

Fights took over the precious moments of our talk,

egos lead us fuming, blaming each other with mock.

Then one day, u yelled in anger that you didn’t care for me,

Shocked that i was, pleaded before you, at least once dear, Please hear me.

Realizing that our relationship was nearly over,

hoped for a miracle to takeover.

My heart was broken, I couldn’t bear anymore,

Shattered and dejected walked away a step and two,

Reeling from a broken heart’s pain,

Knowing that there wasn’t anything left to argue.

Then followed sleepless nights and droopy days,

Every time that i remembered you,

my severed head felt like, it may break into two.

Weeks and months have now passed by,

But find it still hard to leave your memories behind.

I am sure that you have moved on,

Not letting bitter memories to daunt on.

Wishing you luck and good future I say,

And we become friends again one day.

So complex is our love, I now understand,

that is so vexed to withstand.

Ya, I am still broke and dunno may always be,

But hope to fall in love again though it may be not that simple again for me.

Copyright ©2011 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

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