Mystery About A Dying Soul

dying soul

Darkness set in, Fear crept in,

a sudden jolt that i was struck,

Was wishing for some luck.

But it was too late…….

was already laying down in a dying state.

Concerned about my family who were besides me,

Prayed to God, to really spare me.

But DEATH ain’t anyone’s friend,

gave a wicked smile, his gory hands he lent.

Heard My Momma sobbing loudly,

“Darling Son, please don’t leave me alone!!!”

Suddenly feeling helpless and worn,

only testimony to this sorrow was the tears that flowed.

At such a young age, I am going to die,

but still had a whole life ahead to spare.

“Why me???”, I questioned,

But no one answered.

Like a small baby, Momma cradled me in her arms,

her eyes swollen red hid her beauty charm.

Couldn’t move my hands or legs even a bit,

struck with an excruciating pain each time I did.

Gasping for breath and fighting for life,

feeling guilty on unfulfilled promises that left behind.

All that I managed was spitting out a lot of blood,

surely knowing now that it was time……..

Seconds were moving slow,

feeling every heartbeat that turned low.

Burdened with heavy rock on my head,

and huge thorns that were piercing into my chest.

Succumbing into the deep darkness,

I closed my eyes…….

Listening to the now Feeble cries , the blanket of darkness softly covered my body.

Silence —–and stillness made me numb,

A Dying Soul was now no more……..

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Copyright © Dec 6th, 2011 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
(All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)

P.S: Mystery About A Dying Soul published in the Book “Puppet on a String” by Barry Mowles, Destiny to Write Publication.

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6 thoughts on “Mystery About A Dying Soul”

  1. That was kind of scary reading and gave me goose bumps.. Great poetry. One of the best I have read in recent times.My aunt had a son who suffered from Thalessemia, he died at the young age of 19 years. Your poem brought back his memoriesT

  2. Farila Ma'am…I so happy u liked this poem…i knw its bit dark genre….so sad to hear this abt ur nephew….Abt Thalessemia…….many ppl arent aware of this, hence i had started THALESSEMIA AWARENESS cause;)

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