This is one story which i heard recently and thought it was gr8 2 share with everyone.


In a small village, a man lived with his wife and kids. He earned a meager salary which he found difficult to feed his family or pay the school fees for his kids. This hand to mouth condition found him doing odd jobs to make ends meet. The problems in his life led to more stress and fights with wife. One such night, he stormed out of the house in anger and went to a nearby river. He sat there for a long time praying to God to take away his problems and get him get a better job and earn more. Besides him lay a sack of pebbles which he randomly threw into the river in desperation the entire night. He thought of how his life would have been if he was a rich man!!!!

The next day, he was still sitting by the riverside and held the last pebble in his hand. He noticed that the sun rays falling on the pebble made it shine. Suddenly, he realized that it was a GOLD COIN. It meant that he threw these Precious coins into the river. He choked with grief that he failed to notice the precious thing besides him which would have made him a wealthy man today!!!!

Thus, this story makes us realize that we fail to identify our inner beauty and strength and valuable things and people in our life rather than pleading for worldly pleasures of life.

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