Mission- Peace

In our hustle-bustle lives,
we rarely have spare times.
Amidst chaos, strikes and endless fights,
struggling for Peace with all mights.Violence has dampened our beliefs,
When can this end and we be relieved????

Politics is slowing damaging our society like termites,
and has now formed a part of living like parasites!!!
To live in harmony is one task we have to look upon,
a Worldwide appeal to strive for Peace is needed to carry on.

Brave soldiers always protecting us from the evil eye,
Support and pray for Peace, don’t be shy!!!
Its time to think and for preparation,
and ensure a free and calm atmosphere for the future generation.

It’s time to Change our attitude,
Start with acknowledging others with gratitude!!!

P.S: Peace is all we need!!!

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Copyright ©Aug 13,2010 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life
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