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Just the other day, I was watching a Japanese Show on Nhk World which featured a documentary on Ancient Art describing a family dedicated to paintings, craft etc. So, I thought you will love to heart it too! The highlight of the documentary is the beautiful craftmanship scroll painting done by these artists family.

The head of the family was the oldest being 87 years old had started this business with a passion for paintings as a hobby when he was young. Today, his wife and daughter have joined him. The paintings defining every moment of their daily was put to picture perfectly!

Talk about Life, then it has to be on this blog!

You really need to see the paintings for its creative genius ! Every minute detail like a person’s creased brow depicting a worried look, the frills on the dress playing in the garden is too perfect and hard to ignore just like we write a poem or even a blog.

The best painting done by the family was a scroll painting of about 3 feet wide combining a pictorial combination of each of the family member’s childhood memories together which took them nearly 5 years to complete it!

Hats off their patience and brilliant efforts.

Kudos to these painters who love to challenge themselves yet keep this spirit of creativity alive in them . I hope that Indian tradition and Art too gets the same response like others. Thus, many say that nurturing a hobby is necessary and very true …. be it writing, singing etc.!!!!!!

P.S: I tried my best, but couldn’t find any link to the documentary to share with you. But hope this post gave you a new perspective of Everything is Possible !

Here’s an incredible scroll painting done by another genius Artist 

Source- Youtube.

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