Care for them…….Elders need you too!

One of the most affecting moment in my life was when I visited an Age-old home the 1st time.  I was too hesitant at first but later made up my mind. This home is in Mangalore which has a calm and serene atmosphere .its irony is that the calmness and depressed lives are hidden far away from others.

This home is managed by Nuns who are trained nurses. There were about 25 people staying there who dumped by their family. The 1st shock I got when I met an elderly, frail-looking lady confined to the bed looking blankly towards the ceiling. When she saw me, she looked at me eagerly and mumbled something. I was confused. Later, I was told that she was waiting for her son to come back. She has since assumed a visiting doctor as her son, her only hope!!!!

I was speechless. It took a while to regain my composure when a man greeted me, looking happy though hiding his depressing life of being handicapped by a fatal accident and desertion by his family. I wondered how cruel some people can be???.

I also met a retired teacher who spoke of her getting many accolades for her service as a teacher and social worker. She was considered as a BURDEN by her children because she got a meagre amount of pension. She had tears in her eyes when reminded of her dreadful past. But she said that she was happy being here as she had new friends and people to talk to, care for her.

I was left with a mixed bag of emotions. I was too dumbstruck to speak for a while.

Is this what a parent gets in return from his children?

I was happy to see the beautiful garden decorated by these home-mates reflecting their choice of living life anew.

I hope that people realize this and stop such a thing to happen in future.

Making parents happy and caring for them can be the best gift we can give to our family.

Comment below- Have you had any such experience before of visiting an age-old home or know of any?

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